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Matt Pinsker



Matt Pinsker has been a judge advocate in the United States Army since 2015. The military record of this individual speaks for itself. Active duty and reserve military attorneys have an edge since they are familiar with how to represent and defend their clients' interests in courts throughout the country.

It is Matt's responsibility as a teacher to impart information and skill to his charges. Between 2013 to 2020, Pinsker taught criminal law at Virginia Commonwealth University. Teaching homeland security and criminal justice was an honor for him since many of his former students went on to work in law enforcement or civil rights.

After serving in the Army, he joined the Justice Department in 2018 as a Special Assistant US Attorney (SAUSA). Matt's responsibilities as a federal special prosecutor included looking into and bringing cases involving drug trafficking. He received commendations for his service from the Army and the Justice Department. He returned to his company in the meantime and carried on advocating for the rights of individuals who had been abused.

His writings have covered a range of legal topics, such as international law, homeland security, and cybersecurity. Given the diversity of his writing abilities, he is qualified to work on a variety of legal topics.